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Nutritional Services

dietaryhead Nutritional Services meets the nutritional needs of all patients in accordance with physician’s orders and provides nourishing food to visitors, employees and physicians.  Nutritional support, Medical Nutrition Therapy instruction and consultations are available to inpatients and outpatients by our Dietitian, Billie McGuire, MS, RD, CDE.


Pork Tenderloin, Chicken Parmesan, succulent Salmon and Yankee Pot Roast sound like something you would find on a high class, top-notch dinner menu.  But if you are staying, visiting or working at Fishermen’s Hospital, this is what your menu choices look like.  “We have the highest quality food without the expense because it’s all fresh and prepared right here on site. Our dietary staff can boast over eighty years of food preparation experience, and we rarely have turnover in staff. They are happy, hardworking and come in and work with passion. The pride here is what develops our quality, and our strength of teamwork is what makes us very successful,” said Dale Kamerzel, CDM, CFPP, Fishermen’s Hospital Food Service Director.

The open-kitchen atmosphere caters to about one hundred staff and visitors for lunch. “Food safety is our number one job, and satisfaction is important,” he said.  “For a small kitchen we really have to do a lot to keep the wheels turning.” The kitchen works hard preparing meal service for patients and the cafeteria, but they are also sought after to accommodate the catering for hospital functions and special events.  Kamerzel not only caters to patients with special dietary needs by preparing therapeutic menus in accordance with physician’s orders, but is quick to respond to a patient’s wants while providing nourishing food. “If a patient needs a special entrée, I will make it or drive to the grocery store to get the ingredients to prepare it,” he said.  “We really try to give it the home feeling, not just us, but I think the whole hospital goes out of their way to do that.”  Our Nutritional Services Team is pleased to bring special flavors to Fishermen’s Hospital.

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