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Overnight Guests

overnight1Providing you with the highest quality medical care possible is a hospital-wide commitment at Fishermen’s Hospital. As such, we recognize that quality care goes well beyond advanced technology and innovative medical breakthroughs. Your comfort is an important aspect of the overall care that we provide.

Let’s face it; no one looks forward to a hospital stay, and the reasons are many. Fear, uncertainty, and financial considerations all play an important role in the anxiety level a patient experiences pending a hospital stay.

Fishermen’s Hospital is proud to offer a service to our patients, which addresses these concerns – our Overnight Guest Program.

When your physician schedules you for an early morning admission for surgery or testing at Fishermen’s Hospital, he/she may consider you as a candidate for our Overnight Guest Program. Patients selected for this program will be our guest for the night, prior to testing or surgery. We are sure you will agree that spending the night at Fishermen’s Hospital with no room charge will be beneficial in several ways.

After a good night’s sleep, you will be more relaxed and comfortable in the morning without having to be rushed through preparations for surgery or testing, as this can be completed the night before. You won’t be inconvenienced by the need to awake early to shower, dress, and travel to the hospital and go through the hospital admitting process. Most insurance companies no longer pay for patients to be admitted to a hospital on the evening before surgery or testing.

Our Overnight Guest Program.provides a free overnight stay without costly out-of-pocket expense. This courtesy overnight stay is a self-care program and guests will be responsible for their total self-care, including bringing and administering their own medications, if any.

The room accommodation is semiprivate with a telephone and television provided in each room. The hospital provides nursing supervision at all times and will be available to address any needs, if necessary. Our Overnight Guest Program is offered to a limited number of patients. Please check with your physician to see if you are eligible.

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